Neighborhood updates

July Board Meeting highlights

June 19, 2022

Website Update

The website has been updated with correct links and updates/newsletters. Still a work in progress but Board meeting highlights have also been added.

While it is still a work in progress, it is the hope of the board that it becomes a useful resource!

Board is discussing new amenities to the community, including but not limited to:

Pavilion - #1 requested item on the community survey. Would serve as a space for annual meeting, covered walkway would correct the water issues at the side door. Playground would need to be moved further back. Will be discussed in the board’s conversations with Preserve West developers.

Shading at the Pool - Pool deck gets hot and seeking alternatives for the area around the pool. Board seeking permanent fixtures that would not need maintenance.

    • These will both be added to New Business at future meetings. Initial questions surrounding Granville Co restrictions, maintenance of the area, etc.

New Signage coming to replace the A frame sign with lettering. This new signage will direct neighbors to the website you are visiting now to give updates and more detail.

Pool Gate The installation company came out and identified that the closure had failed and needs to be replaced. Waiting on the company to come out and replace the closing mechanism.


Looking for the Preserve budget? Head on over to to find our budget that is presented at the annual meeting.

June Board Meeting highlights

June 22, 2022

Here are a few of the topics discussed at this month's board meeting. The full list of topics and further detail can be found on the WakeHOA website under DOCUMENTS tab.

  • New Neighborhood concerns of deforestation and well water impacts.

    • We have a group in the community who are working in a subcommittee with Granville County to discuss some of these concerns as new subdivisions keep popping up. To become involved with this group, email the board at

  • Community Notification Board

    • Efforts are being made to update our Community Notification board for community announcements

  • Waiver process

    • Waiver requests need to be submitted 3-5 BUSINESS days in advance of the request

    • Lack of response does NOT mean approval (reminder that our board is made up of volunteers with full-time jobs!)

  • Kiosk/Grill update:

    • A key pad lock (like the one on the pool gate) has been added to the kiosk door for accessing the grill.

    • If you are interested in using the grill, please send a message to the Social Committee and they will give you access to the grill